Communities in Action

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Vision Statement: Our Communities care about each other and are a healthy place to live, work and play.
The Communities in Action Group (CIA) is a group formed out of work done by the FCSS/Community Worker office.
The CIA is a community based and volunteer driven organization whose passion it is to take action on social issues and concerns within the communities of Esther, Sibbald, Cereal/Chinook, Sedalia, Bindloss, Buffalo, Acadia Valley, New Brigden, Youngstown, Empress and Oyen. Communities in Action is100% funded by grant applications.


  • Adult Entertainment FacilitiesBylaw in Oyen
  • Supporting the Character Education Program in area Schools
  • Promoting social well being throughout our communities.
  • Support collaborative programs and initiatives that foster healthy relationships, by providing awareness and education on Family Violence and Bullying
  • Annual Fall Activities Fair in Oyen
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