Major Projects

The Town of Oyen is one of the few Towns in Alberta that is in the unique position of being ready for growth. Our progressive Council has planned ahead, and our infrastructure is in place. The following is a list of the major projects in progress, or completed in the past couple years.


Airport Resurfacing

The Town of Oyen began preliminary work on the airport runway project in 2008, and we are happy to announce the $598,000.00 paving project will be completed in August 2010.


Street Improvement Project

Town Council has approved a waterline replacement for 1st avenue, and street improvements for 1st Avenue East, 5th Avenue West and 3rd Avenue West as well as patching of various locations around town to be completed in August 2010. Total projected budget $890,000.00 


Acadia Foundation Life Lease Project

After adding on and renovation the Seniors Lodge, Acadia Foundation has started a new $2.133 million dollar project for a new 12 unit Senior Housing Project to be completed in September 2010.


Prairie Rose School Division

In 2009 Prairie Rose School Division completed major renovations with over $1 million dollars in the Oyen Public School and over $550,000.00 in the Oyen High School 


Seniors Lodge Expansion

The Oyen Seniors lodge has started their $8.2 million dollar renovation/expansion that will add an additional two stories with a total of 42 rooms.


 Big Country Hospital Renovation

The Big County Hospital is working on their $4 million dollar expansion project, to be completed in 2008.


 Crossroads Centre

2008 will also see the Big Country Agricultural Society completing the new multi-purpose Crossroads Centre located on the south end of Town. A 150 x 200 foot complex complete with a fully equipped kitchen and bathrooms, meeting room, sales office, bleachers, bucking chutes and pens, 100x200 foot arena area capable of handling auction sales, rodeos, clinics, trade shows, cattle and equine events, car shows, etc.


 Water Plant Upgrade

The Town of Oyen has completed a $1 million dollar upgrade to the water distribution pump system in 2007.


8th Avenue Subdivision

Council completed a new subdivision in 2007 on the south end of Town within walking distance of many of our recreation facilities.


Shirley McClellan Aquatic Centre

In 2005 Council completed a 3 year project building a new aquatic centre complete with water slide, lazy river, bubble seat, umbrella, zero depth entry, and a junior Olympic pool.



5 Bay Fire Hall

Council partnered with our neighboring Municipality – Special Areas, to complete a new 5 bay Fire Hall in 2005.


Alberta Supernet

The high-speed Alberta Supernet is now built and operational in thousands of facilities in 429 communities across Alberta, making the province more connected than ever before.

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