An agricultural center near the Alberta / Saskatchewan border, Oyen offers residents and visitors the grandeur of wide open blue skies in the heartland of Alberta’s vast rolling prairie.

The Town of Oyen is situated in southeastern Alberta at the crossroads of Highways 9 and 41. Highway 9 is the main route between Calgary and Saskatoon. Highway 41 is the main north south route along the east side of Alberta. Oyen is 397 km southeast of Edmonton, 327 km east of Calgary and 187 km north of Medicine Hat. Oyen is located appproximately 781km south Fort MacMurray and approximately 315km north of the US border.




Antelope Inn Motel

The Antelope Inn Motel is located at 316 1st Ave. E, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-3886.

Canalta Hotel – Oyen

The Canalta Hotel – Oyen is located at the junction of Highways 9 & 41, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-3010.

Heath’s Mini Motels

The Heath’s Mini Motels are located at various locations in Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-3544.


90’s Restaurant

The 90’s Restaurant is located at 204 Main Street, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-2008.

A&W Restaurant

A&W is located at the junction of Highways 9 and 41, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-3267.


Deb-Mart is located at 307 Main Street, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-2280.

Halfway Pizza

Halfway Pizza is located at 301 Main Street, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-2081.

Oyen Golf & Country Club

Oyen Golf & Country Club is located at 402 4th Street E, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-2555.


Subway is located at 402 Main Street, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-1302.

The Barn Pub & Grill

The Barn Pub & Grill is located at the junction of Highways 9 & 41, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-3600.

The Coffee Corner

The Coffee Corner @ Oyen Flowers and Gifts is located at 113 Main Street, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-3827.

Tumbleweed Restaurant

Tumbleweed Restaurant is located at 101 1st Avenue E, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-2466.


KD’s Fine Wine & Spirits

KD’s Fine Wine & Spirits is located at 106 – 1 Avenue E, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-3398.

Oyen Liquor Mart

The Oyen Liquor Mart is located at 3rd Ave E, Oyen, Alberta | (403) 664-2670.



101 2nd Avenue West
Oyen, Alberta, Canada
Ph: (403) 664-3912

Reverend Catherine Holland
Sunday service 11:15am
First Sunday of the month 10:15am “Family God Time”


516 Main Street
Oyen, Alberta, Canada
Phone: (403) 664-2139
Fax: (403) 664-2744

Pastor Dr. Dennis Punter
Sunday School (all ages) 9:50am September thru May
Bible Club 9:50am
Sunday Morning Worship 10:50am
Bible Study: Thursday at 7:00pm


202 1st Avenue East
Oyen, Alberta, Canada
Phone: (403) 664-3987
Fax: (403) 664-3003

Reverend Helen Reed, Diaconal Minister
Worship time Sunday 11:15 a.m.


415 5th Avenue East
Oyen, Alberta, Canada
Ph: (403) 664-3603

Father Ian Gagne
Thursday Mass 11:00 a.m.
Saturday Service 7:00pm


214 7th Avenue East
Oyen, Alberta, Canada
Ph: (403) 664-2126

Pastor Larry Lentz of Didsbury
Every second Saturday: Bible Study 10:30am
Service 11:30am


Early in the 20th century the area around what us now the town of Oyen was an empty land. The buffalo and the Indians were gone and the Palliser report had declared the area unsuitable for the growing of grain. But when the land was advertised as the Last Best West and the news of a railway arrived, settlers poured in.

In 1908 Andrew Oyen walked from Spokane, Washington to the Oyen district where he took up a homestead. He couldn’t spend the winter there as he had only a tent for shelter, so he worked his way west and found employment. When he returned in the spring of 1909 he was delighted to see a column of smoke coming from the side of a hill. Settler number two had arrived.

By 1911 a man called Billy Bishop had established a stopping place, a tiny store and blacksmith shop known as Bishopburg. However the railroad did not purchase Bishop’s land.

The Canadian Northern Railway purchased land from Andrew for the town site. In the fall of 1912, the railway arrived in Oyen and on January 17th, 1913, Oyen incorporated as a village.

Oyen is proud to bear the name of this fine Norwegian family whose descendants still live in Alberta.

The Oyen & District Historical Society has published 2 History Books on the Oyen District entitled Many Trails Crossed Here, Volume I and II. Volume I was published in 1981 and the second volume in 2007. Volumes are available for sale in the Oyen Town Office.

Oyen Town Office | 201 Main Street | Box 360 | Oyen, AB | T0J 2J0 | (403) 664-3511.



Residential Lots

Oyen has opened a new subdivision in the south end of town close to many of our recreation facilities – the new swimming pool, golf course, and ball diamonds, to name a few. These are large (65x110feet) fully serviced lots including curb & gutter (no sidewalks), and are listed at $35,000.00.

Commercial Lots

Currently the Town does not own any vacant commerical property; however there are privately developed commerical lots available for purchase. Please contact one of the local real estate agents or the Town Office (403) 664-3511 for further information.

Be sure to check with our local real estate agents as there may be privately owned lots available for purchase.

Local Real Estate Companies


getlstd-property-photoJunction of Highways 9 & 41
Ph (403) 664-2486

The Town of Oyen operates the Provincial Visitor Information Centre (VIC) located on the corner of highways 9 & 41.

Each year the center is open from the long weekend in May till the long weekend in September. The staff is trained by the Travel Alberta people in Edmonton for a week the beginning of May, and then are sent on a FAM (Familiarization) Tour for 2-3 days to become familiar with some of the tourism operations in the province. They are also introduced to a wide array of tools to help them provide the visitor with the most current information available within the province – whether it is road conditions, weather conditions, information on hotels or campgrounds, or what events are happening anywhere in Alberta. If you’re looking for information, or want to get away for a few days, our trained staff would be more than happy to give you a hand planning your trip.