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Finances & Taxes

The administration of the Town of Oyen is committed to delivering the highest quality of customer care to residents of Oyen and surrounding areas by being responsive to the needs of the individual resident while respecting the commitment of efficient and effective management of the public’s financial and physical resources delivery that is in the best interests of the residents as a whole.

Municipal taxes are levied by local government authorities to fund various public services and infrastructures within the jurisdiction, such as road maintenance, garbage collection, parks and recreation facilities, police and fire protection, and schools. These taxes are typically calculated based on the assessed value of properties or a combination of property value and other factors like income or consumption. Each year, the local government determines the tax rate or millage rate, which is the amount of tax per dollar of assessed property value. Property owners receive bills indicating their taxes owed, and these payments contribute to the overall budget of the municipality, helping to meet the growing needs and demands of the community for essential services and developments.

Watch the "How Assessment and Taxation Work" video below to learn more about how property tax, tax rates, and assessment are calculated.
This youtube video is shared from Kneehill County's Website.