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The Town of Oyen provides water, sewer, and storm water collection services for residents and businesses located in Oyen.

Rates & Fees

Utility Rates for each of these services are established by Council through the annual budget process and incorporated into the Water Sewer Bylaw.

Utility Billing

Property Owners are billed monthly with combined charges for water, sewer, and garbage. The Town of Oyen also offers a convenient e-Billing program which allows you to receive your monthly utility statements by email.  You can sign up by filling out the paper registration form and returning to the Town Office or email

By signing up for e-Billing you are assuming full responsibility for the receipt of your utility statements and are responsible for notifying the Town of Oyen if you do not receive your utility statement.  

Utility Payments

Please remit payment before the due date indicated on your monthly Utility bill, as payments made after the due date are subject to penalty.

We provide several convenient options for you to pay your bill:

  • Cash, Cheque or Debit payments may be made at the Town Office.
  • Credit Card Payments Online (more information here)
  • Most Financial Institutions: Please note that payments made at most financial institutions, online banking, telephone banking or ATM may take 3-5 business days to reach the Town of Oyen.
    Please note, when paying your bill, you must change the account number so your payment goes to your account (your bank should be able to assist you with this).  You will find your account number on the top right side of your bill.  


If you've recently purchased a property in Oyen, you are required to fill out a Utility Connection Form.
If you've recently sold a property in Oyen, you are required to fill out a Utility Disconnection Form.

Public Works Shop and Emergencies Phone: (403)664-1814

The Town of Oyen purchases water from the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Commission.  The water originates from the Red Deer River, is treated and then transported by pipeline to its member communities.  

Bulk Water Station

There is a bulk water station located 302 1st Avenue East.

The Town of Oyen utilizes FlowPoint as a method of tracking water usage for individual accounts.   If you would like to set up an account, please use the link below:

Water Exchange

For assistance, you can refer to the Water Exchange Customer Manual or please feel free to stop at the Town office or give us a call at 403.664.3511.

Connecting a New Utility Service

When there is a change in property ownership or residence:

  • New tenants are required to fill out a Utility application form before moving in
  • Tenants who are leaving are required to fill out a Utility disconnection form before moving out

Meter Reading

  • Water meters are read electronically by our Public Works staff each month.
  • We encourage residents to review their bill regularly and if there are any significant discrepancies, please contact the Town Office at 403.664.3511 or by email at


  • If I’m renting a property, should I be receiving a utility bill?
    • As a renter, you are not the billing customer.  In the Town of Oyen, the property owner is the billing customer and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the utility bill is being paid.   Upon request, the renter can be issued a copy of the monthly utility bill with the original being directed to the owner.

  • Why would water rates go up?
    • Water rates are based on the cost of purchasing water from the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Commission.  They also include a base charge that is intended to help in covering costs to maintain operations of utility infrastructure.

  • How do I check for leaks?
    • All of our water meters have a leak indicator icon (Insert Icon) that is built into the meter that will show if your meter is registering a water leak.   The icon will be either solid or flashing if you have a leak.  The solid faucet indicates a continuous leak occurrence over the last 24 hrs.  
    • The flashing faucet indicates an intermittent leak occurrence over the past 24 hrs. Here is a simple check you can do if your meter is indicating a leak:
  • Step 1: Carefully remove the toilet tank lid.  Place a dye table or some food coloring in the tank.
  • Step 2: After 15 minutes, check the water in your toilet bowl.  If the water is colored, you’ve got a leak.  Toiler repairs may require the assistance of a plumber.


  • What can I do if I think my meter isn’t working properly?
    • If the owner claims a meter is not working properly and is over reading they can request that it be shipped to an independent company for testing.  A $50.00 deposit is required and if the meter is said to be overreading by 1.5% this deposit will be refunded.  If the meter discrepancies are less that 1.5%, the owner will lose their deposit to cover the costs of testing.  
    • If the meter is found to be inaccurate, the accounts based on that reading for a maximum of 12 monthly bills preceding the date of the test will be corrected in proportion to the error of the meter.

The Town sewage is currently serviced by 2 anaerobic cells, 1 facultative cell, and 1 storage cell.  The lagoons were completed in 1989 and were designed for a life expectancy of fifty years.  The ponds were designed to accommodate population growth for decades.

Please refer to the Sanitary Sewer Service Maintenance Policy for any questions regarding clarity on responsibility as it pertains to the maintenance and replacement/repair of any lateral sewer line.   Lateral sewer lines connect private properties to town mainlines within the collection system.

Garbage Pickup

Garbage pickup is a contracted service that is done once per week for residential and 3 times per week for commercial/industrial properties that request/require additional pickups.  All pickups are done in the evenings. Garbage must be contained in a metal or plastic receptacle of not less than 20 inches or more than 30 inches in height, with a base diameter of not less than 15 inches or more than 20 inches with fixed rigid handles and a proper fitted lid.  Alternately, the use of covered wooden boxes to contain plastic bags or wrapped or boxed refuse will be permitted providing no single item exceeds 45 pounds (20 kgs).  All receptacles are to be maintained in a clean sanitary condition.

Pickup Schedule:

  • Mondays:
    • Map of following locations (Coming Soon)
    • West side of Town
    • Railway Avenue
    • 1st Avenue
    • 2nd Avenue West
    • Even side of 3rd Avenue East

  • Wednesdays:
    • Map of following locations  (Coming Soon)
    • Odd side of 3rd Avenue East
    • 4th Ave East
    • 5th Ave East
    • 6th Ave East
    • 7th Ave East
    • 8th Ave East
Notice of Public Hearing- Proposed Bylaw 917-24
Notice of Public Hearing- Proposed Bylaw 917-24